Same Foot Same Hand Finish

When it comes to footwork, most basketball players are taught to have a blueprint to finishing layups. The typical left right footwork for the left hand layups, and the right left footwork for right hand layups.

This was helpful when first learning to make a layup, however, the habit lingered and hurt the ability to be dynamic when finishing. It made finishing predictable.

Why add the same foot, same hand finish?

To be Unpredictable

Defenders know when you are going for a left or right hand layup based on footwork alone. The defenders can also tell when you will attempt to finish based on what side of the rim you are on and how many steps you have left.

Adding the same foot, same hand finish will allow you to finish a layup faster than the defender can anticipate, and get to spots that they will not expect. 

It also allows for better coordination and footwork in general. Being able to score off any foot at any time is a valuable skill to be an offensive threat. 

Things to work on

Off Hand Finish

To really get the same foot, same hand finish down, and to break the habit of cookie cutter footwork, you have to retrain your mind.

On the court, focus on finishing with the wrong foot hundreds of times until it becomes natural.

The key is to get to the point where you get to the basket, and you are not even conscious what foot you have planted on the ground. You should have the ability to just finish without thought.

Once you get autonomous with your layups, prepare to be unstoppable. Nobody will know when or where you will finish the ball. You will become untraceable. 

More tips

Have fun being unguardable. It may be awkward at first, but the work will pay its dividends.

Check out my article on other finishing moves you can add to your bag. It should be in the blog section at the top of the page. 

There are some really good tips about ball spin, footwork, and layup variations to add to your bag. 

Kyrie backspin

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