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The '1 Percent' Program (coming soon)

What is the 1% Program

This program contains the direction and tools to guide you to the path of the ‘1 percent athlete’. Less than 1% of the population can dunk a basketball. If you are sick and tired of being categorized as the 99% of people athletically, than this program is for you.

This Program includes:

A strength training walkthrough course that has specialized workouts for explosiveness, speed, and increasing your dunking ability.

nordic hamstring curl demonstration
front squat demonstration


A nutrition course on diet and what you should eat or look for in food to optimize athletic gains.

Nutrition shake


A mobility course to improve your flexibility, coordination, and movement.

stretches for hip mobility


A skills training course that focuses on making your jumpshot consistent, ballhandling tighter, and finishing stronger. 


A basketball IQ course that gives you incite on how to read defensive schemes, use a pick and roll, and be a smarter player on both ends of the floor.