The Best Accessories For Dunking

The accessories and items that may increase your dunking ability are as follows: One, thick socks or wearing two socks. Two, shoes that fit your jumping style, and are both light and sturdy. Three, a shirt that does not limit your shoulder and arm mobility. Fourth, shorts that do not limit hip and leg mobility. These four things will not be crucial to your ability to jump and dunk a basketball, but are important.

Thick socks

The sleeper in accessories for dunking is the thickness of your sock. The more loose your shoe is on your foot, the less torque you have in your approach speed in a jump for dunking, and the less control you will have. The more snug the shoes are the better. Wearing two socks is the easier option, and you will feel the difference right away from loose to snug. From a basketball perspective, the control increase will not just apply to jumping but other aspects of the game such as lateral quickness on defense, and shifty moves on the offensive end.

accessories for dunking
The NBA has adopted the double sock philosophy in its new elite socks. They are double layered from the ankle down.

"If the shoe fits"

Perhaps the most important in accessories for dunking, what shoes you wear. Shoes matter the most when it comes to vertical jump and dunking ability. The obvious answer would be to own basketball shoes, as they are designed for this very thing, but it is worth mentioning nonetheless. Highlighting basketball shoes, the type depends on your foot and your jumping style. Two foot jumpers, feet really wide, and are power jumpers would be a prototype for the Lebron shoe line. For the one foot jumpers that have narrow, thin feet could go for Kobe’s or other low top shoes. There is a common misconception that low top shoes are prone to ankle injuries, reality is that high tops limit mobility and ankle strength. Unless you are a power two foot jumper with a slow approach speed, low tops are more optimal. 

good shoes for dunking

It is important to note that variations of shoes also depend on its weight. Try finding a balance between something that is light, but still sturdy. The shoe that fills the most utility for jumping that I would recommend is the Clyde All Pro’s. They are one of the lightest shoes on the market, not too expensive at a price of 130 USD, and have good cushion and solidity to them. 

Shirts with no limits

Tank Tops are probably the most effective way to get an extra extension of your arm.

Perhaps the least relevant but still important accessory for dunking is your shirt. Make sure you are wearing a shirt with mobility. Typically it is rare for a typical t-shirt to limit arm mobility, but a little tightness can limit the stretching of your arm, which can limit how high you can put the ball. Avoid tight t-shirts. Essentially, the less your arm can extend, the less ability you have to dunk. You may think this is insignificant, but every inch and smaller counts. Your top effects other aspects of your game as well, such as shooting, so take that into consideration. 

Short Shorts

Another factor not considered in accessories for dunking is the shorts length. Some may consider shorter shorts to be not ideal because they are not the typical baggie basketball shorts. Well, those baggie shorts are more weight and typically do not allow for easy, quick movements. Not to mention the fear of them falling down. Going for shorts that are super light and do not limit your hip and leg movement is crucial for all aspects of basketball, specifically dunking. Short shorts are perfectly designed for basketball, take it back old school style. 

short shorts example
The legend himself Larry Bird wore short shorts for a reason.

4s': SOCKS, Shirts, shorts and Shoes

Accessories impact on athletes ability to dunk may be minor, in cases of socks and shirts and shoes, but every inch counts in the vertical jump world. Minor things add up. So next time you hit the courts trying to attempt a new dunk or dunk for the first time, if you have not considered an accessories upgrade or change, maybe it is calling.

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